Monday, September 29, 2014

Take This Regret: Books I #AmReading @ALJacksonAuthor

With little time to read this month, I was able to enjoy this short series on audiobook. The books follow the relationship development between the main characters who take years to finally achieve their HEA. They deal with loss and betrayal. It's angsty and emotionally charged but so very realistic. The series is a definite good read.

What makes a book good for you?

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Take This Regret SERIES by A.L. Jackson is an emotion-packed series that begins with a young college couple and follows them through years of separation and finally their reunion.

There are some mistakes we make that we will regret for the rest of our lives. For Christian, it was the day he betrayed Elizabeth.

Christian Davison has a plan for his life. He is determined to become an attorney and to one day take his place as partner in his father’s law firm. Nothing will stand in his way, not even Elizabeth Ayers and their unborn child.

After Christian cuts her from his life, Elizabeth spends the next five years struggling to provide for her daughter and willing to sacrifice anything to give her child a safe, comfortable life.

For five years, Christian has regretted the day he walked away from his family and will do anything to win them back just as Elizabeth will do anything to protect her daughter from the certain heartache she believes Christian will bring upon them.

When Christian wrestles his way into their lives, Elizabeth is faced with asking herself if it is possible to forgive someone when they’ve committed the unforgivable and if it is possible to find a love after it has been buried in years of hate. Or are there some wounds that go so deep they can never heal?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coffee 'N Kink with #BDSM Author Kristin Elyon @KristinElyon19

Author Kristin Elyon is popping in today to share just a SPRINKLE OF KINK! 
During the day, Kristin works as a senior portrait photographer and a graphic designer. She's also a college student who loves zombies, vampires, and werewolves. Anything supernatural she's drawn to along with Starbucks frappes! She spends my free time watching The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and True Blood.

Her favorite genre to write is erotica and it's strongly recommended by her readers to make sure you have your sham wow panties on because her stories will leave you with moisture in the very best of places.

Favorite Coffee
I can't stand coffee personally it needs to be covered and smothered in ice and sugar like a smoothie. What does that mean? I love the Java Chip Frappuccino!

Favorite Kink to Read
BDSM and Spanking Romance

Favorite Kink to Write

Check Out Kristin's HOT Book, Freeing Lana...
Lana Martin had a simple life, uncomplicated by the things that normally plagued her friends. But then terror struck and she found herself the unwilling plaything of a sexual deviant. Under his control, she is forced to endure things that would have crushed most people, but somehow she managed to stay alive long enough to be rescued and return to a normal life.

Only life would never be normal again for Lana, because she came out of the ordeal with an unsettling knowledge that she had never been truly happy before. The deeply terrifying events she had endured had done something she hadn’t expected; they had awakened something dark inside of her, a lust that could only be satisfied under the protection of a black hood. She found that only in that darkness, could she truly be free from her inhibitions.

When Daniel Morrow, the man who had held her captive is released from prison, Lana’s nightmare begins again, and she fears she will never be safe again. Her life, her future now relies on one man, the man she had once dismissed as unable to satisfy her longing, her former boyfriend Sergio Marsilis. Follow along with Lana as the darkness is awakened inside of her, and then as she searches for the one thing that has always eluded her, perfect sexual freedom.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Never Watched TV... But Then... #AboutMe

I've never been a big television watcher. As a young child, I preferred playing and reading. As I grew older, school took up most of my time. As an adult, there have been a few series I'd follow but nothing that held my attention like an true fan.

Until lately.

I blame it all on True Blood. When HBO premiered True Blood, I'd just read the series by Charlaine Harris and the girls from my book club decided we'd all watch it together. Girls Night! We'd each bring a bottle of wine and an appetizer, watch the show together and have a great time. It became a tradition and it was fun. What I didn't realize is that it also peaked my interest for other possible tv series I might like.

The Vampire Diaries had me hooked for five seasons. It's based on the book series by L.J. Smith where you are given the insight into the diary of 17-year old Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev. Geared towards teens but addictive to any paranormal lovers, viewers watch as Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), vampire brothers – one good, one evil, war for Elena's soul.

I discovered Supernatural thanks to a friend's recommendation and was hooked immediately. 
Supernatural features stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who travel the country looking for their missing father and battling evil spirits along the way. Each episode is fast-paced, occasionally gruesome and the two brothers are hotties!

Wanting more paranormal/ sci-fi with an adult edge, I found Lost Girl on the SciFi Network. It's a dynamic series that follows the life of a succubus played by Anna Silk, as she learns to control her abilities, help those in need, and discovers the truth about her origins. She, of course, has a sidekick played by Ksenia Solo and then there's Kris Holden-Reid as the hunky love interest Dyson. So much happens in this series, the paranormal world has never been so diverse. I got started late on this so I've watched most of the series through NetFlix.

Then along came Game of Thrones and another weekly Girls Night was in order. Game of Thrones is an HBO adaptation of author George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The show explores a medieval-like fantasy world with characters all struggling in the only game that matters--the game of thrones. And in this game you either win or you die, there is no middle ground. And seriously, someone always dies! It kills me and I yell at the tv at least once per episode but I can't get enough of this world.

The long awaited OUTLANDER premiered on Starz this fall and I can say I've honestly never been so excited for a tv series. Ron Moore's "Outlander" is based on bestseller book series by author Diana Gabaldon. The show follows the story of World War II nurse, Claire Randall who time travels to 18th century war-torn Scotland. There she meets young Jamie Fraser, a man who will change her life forever. True to the book's story line and portrayed exceptionally well, I clear my calendar weekly for  my date night with the Scottish Highlander Jamie Fraser. Swoon!

Then there's my guilty indulgence... Sons Of Anarchy on FX. I'm addicted, seriously. From the amazing Kurt Sutter, writer/producer of The Shield, this is a dark and dirty drama set in Charming, a sheltered community watched over by a renegade motorcycle club intent on protecting the town from the newcomers that threaten it. Jackson "Jax" Teller is one member of the brotherhood, who finds his own loyalty to the group tested when he experiences its increasing lawlessness and notoriety, while at the same time adjusting to life as a father. I started this on NetFlix as one of their "if you like that, you might like this" recommendations. Never have I been to immersed in a world within a series. Usually only books give me this sense of connection to characters. It's amazing!

So, there you have it. It's my confession that I've been sucked in by the old boob tube -the shiny, big tv- that never appealed to me in my youth. I've even learned how to record shows through our Direct TV app so I can watch the episodes later if I miss one. I suppose in the same fashion that I read book series, I also insist on watching the tv series in order without missing one.

I'll never choose tv over books but I've come to discover its a different kind of entertainment that I'm willing to immerse myself in when given the right opportunity.
- Paloma

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Do you watch tv? What are your favorites?
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